Horiba Scientific Introduces Lumetta Fixed Grating Spectrograph

Sept. 23, 2018
Lumetta is designed to gather light from most fibers and high angle scattering phenomena.

Horiba Scientific introduces Lumetta, a compact, fixed grating spectrograph that is rugged enough for process use. Lumetta is an F/2 spectrograph with a large area sensor enabling optimal light gathering and high optical throughput. It is designed to gather light from most fibers and high angle scattering phenomena. An imaging spectrograph, it also enables advanced techniques such as multitrack spectroscopy and fast hyperspectral imaging. With multitrack spectroscopy, multiple independent spectroscopy channels can be measured. This improves sample measurement throughput for similar measurements on different samples or simultaneous measurement of different but complementary spectra such as photoluminescence and absorbance from the same sample, according to the company.

With its scientific grade I CCD deep cooled to -50 oC together with extremely low noise 16 bit electronics, Lumetta also offers high sensitivity for low light applications, according to the company. At 1200:1 the signal-to-noise of the Lumetta is reportedly above its peers and its deep cooling allows signal integration for hours.

Lumetta also offers a flexible signal input interface, accommodating free-space as well as FC, SMA and ferrule fiber interfaces. Spectral resolution can be controlled from a selection of interchangeable slits.

Other reported benefits include low stray light (<0.1%); small CCD non linearity for computational accuracy (<0.4%) and top range speed – up to 278 spectra/second.