Hawk, Bliss Americas Introduce Acurage Single Chamber Measuring Device

Nov. 1, 2021
Hawk Measurement and Bliss Americas collaborate to release single chamber sight glass with GWR.

Hawk Measurement and Bliss Americas team up to introduce a single chamber measuring device, the Acurage. The patented Acurage is an auto calibrating unique radar gauge for true level reading and instant spot smart calibration. Made in the U.S., the level measuring instrument displays the level of process fluids in real-time via digital display and built-in sight glass tube. The Acurage features a built-in safety ball check system to protect the operator from accidental spillage of process liquid in the unlikely event of glass breakage. 

The Acurage is made to solve difficult applications such as steam applications and is approved by ASME spec for steam boilers and generators. The integral isolating ball check valves provides instant glass field replacement without complicated isolating procedures from the process fluid. The true redundancy of the Acurage provides full functionality even in a power failure mode, which is inevitable in critical level monitoring applications. The Acurage is suited for a wide range of chemical and petrochemical applications such as boiler rooms, condensation tanks, storage tanks and surge tanks.

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