Wireless Logger Measures DC Voltage

Nov. 23, 2011
Device features capacity for 16,000 readings.

T&D Corp. introduces the new RTR-505V Wireless Logger, which can measure DC voltages from 0 to 22VDC with accuracy of ±0.5mv. The RTR-505V can measure voltage either directly, or from the output of a wide variety of sensors and instruments. Featuring a large LCD display, the loggers also offer a capacity for 16,000 readings, IP64 water resistance and up to four years battery life with the "L" version.

Compatible with all T&D RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Collectors, the new RTR-505V can be integrated into a wireless network with other logger types. They can be monitored locally, through a cellular phone system, or over the Internet. Advanced features include real-time monitoring and warning notifications. The communication range is up to 500 feet, which can be extended with the use of a repeater.