TrendMiner 2.0 Expands Self-Service Analytics

Feb. 28, 2017
TrendMiner 2.0 predictive analytics software improves collaboration for process performance optimization.

TrendMiner, provider of self-service predictive analytics software, releases a new version: TrendMiner 2.0. The release focuses on extending the capabilities for diagnostics, collaboration and advanced user administration.

TrendMiner software is based on a high-performance analytics engine for process data captured in time series. Process engineers and operators use the software to identify trends in their processes to optimize efficiency and quality. TrendMiner also provides self-service monitoring.

The improved influence factor functionality in the new version points to causes or influences upstream in the production line and reportedly improves the capability to configure early warnings. This allows for better prediction of future process deviations and the ability to control production quality, reduce waste and manage energy consumption, according to the company. In addition, the calculation capabilities are extended to enhance analysis of process behavior. This reportedly improves prediction of future process deviations, control over production quality and optimizes energy consumption.

The release also includes scatterplot improvements to better highlight the influence of one process parameter on another. Improvements to user administration and view sharing support enhance collaboration.