Energy Efficiency

Simplified Test Codes for Blowers

The test procedures developed in CAGI BL 5389 provides uniform verification of the performance of the range of turbomachinery packages offered to the marketplace.

By Rick Stasyshan and the CAGI Blower Section, for our sister publication Plant Services

Blower manufacturers offer packaged centrifugal compressors and blowers in both a serial-production manner and made to order. The blower package is fitted with all of the necessary ancillary devices for operation and is marketed as a standard offering by manufacturers.

Existing test codes provide for detailed measurement of the core, or bare blower, but no test standard was available to measure a blower’s package performance; therefore, the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) took on the task of developing supplementary codes referencing the existing flange to flange blower — compressor codes ISO 1217 and ISO 5389. The industry and the users of blowers needed a standard method of rating performance of the entire package. This provides users with relevant, accurate information regarding performance of the entire package, true wire-to-air performance.

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