Make The Right Moves In Fluid Handling

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The ability to see what is happening inside a pipe can be invaluable to process operators. Despite technological advances, no sensor can equal the human eye, which has more than 94 million photo receptors. While your eyes are peeled you must also understand the tolerances allowed under API-610 with regard to pump shutoff head and rated differential head can avoid costly rework and schedule delays.

To help you keep your eyes on fluid handling and to help with your moves, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Head Off Centrifugal Pump Problems -- Attention to head tolerances can prevent poor performance and rework
  • Set Your Sights on Better Flow -- Use this primer to determine the right sight flow indicator for the application
  • Pressing System Aids Copper Recycling Plant -- Piping installation method helps eliminate bottlenecks and leaks and meet capacity needs

Download your copy of this Chemical Processing flow eHandbook now.