eHandbook: Fixate On These Flow Best Practices

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Vertical pumps suit a diverse range of industrial applications for services ranging from low to high pressure. To ensure they can handle your applications, it's best to know how to spot and tackle common problems. If you’re dealing with slurries, prepare for a whole other set of problems including how to move them without changing the characteristics of the product. And if you’re looking for clever ways to prevent cavitation in centrifugal pumps, air injection might be the answer.

To help achieve better flow, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook that highlights all of the above. It includes insight on:

  • Vanquish Vertical Pump Vexations -- Address common problems including undersized motor drivers
  • Improve Slurry Handling -- Consider a variety of techniques when working with wet cakes, pastes and slurries
  • Head Off Cavitation -- Air injection into centrifugal pumps sometimes can prevent the problem

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