eBook: Master The Many Facets Of Flow

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The ability to understand flow is invaluable to process operators. Despite technological advances, tools are only as good as the person using them. Indeed, no sensor can equal the human eye, which has more than 94 million photo receptors. And no solution will solve all issues without proper mastery.

To help you be proficient in flow, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:
Don’t Let Baffles Baffle You — Understand the role of baffles and best practices for them
Can Particle Size Predict Powder Flow Behavior? — Understanding particle behavior and measurement methods can help improve flow operations
Set Your Sights on Better Flow — Use this primer to determine the right sight flow indicator for the application
Improve Boiler Efficiency — Know your options when selecting the appropriate flowmeter technology to measure natural gas, water and steam in power generation
50 Years of Training Yields Revelations — Process veteran offers some valuable tips to understanding process analyzer sampling systems

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