Ametek Process Instruments Broadens AmeVision Communication And Display Capabilities

Ametek Process Instruments broadens its AMEVision communication and display system capabilities to include the 3050 series of moisture analyzers. Originally designed for WDG-V analyzers, the AMEVision system provides real-time moisture measurements and trend data while also detailing a variety of maintenance and troubleshooting information.

Users can now continually monitor the measurement and diagnostic information for up to eight 3050 series moisture analyzers. AMEVision enables on-site calibration and communication with analyzers via Modbus RS485 and Ethernet LAN. The system augments or replaces the 3050 configurator software, providing all the same features and capabilities, including span verification and zero calibration. Additionally, AMEVision stores the last 10 successful calibrations and all alarms.

The 3050 series analyzer can be pre-configured at the factory to directly communicate with AMEVision, eliminating the need to set it up, which saves time in the field. Users can extract data and upload new configuration files directly to the unit via a USB port.

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