Yokogawa Releases New Version Of Stardom Control System

Yokogawa Electric Corporation will release an enhanced version of the Stardom network-based control system in the first quarter of fiscal year 2018. The new version of the Stardom system will include a new E2 bus interface module developed for use in FCN-500 autonomous controller extension units. This enables the construction of systems that have more I/O points and cover a wider area.

Stardom is a network-based control system that consists of the FCN autonomous controller, the VDS web-based HMI and the Fast/Tools SCADA package. Since first releasing Stardom in 2001, Yokogawa has reportedly continued to improve the functions of this system to satisfy its customers’ evolving needs.

One such recent need is for the collective monitoring and control of applications where many different input and output devices are distributed over a wide area, in locations where conditions are often harsh. Other needs have included the reduction of wiring and maintenance costs while ensuring high reliability. Based on its twin goals of achieving excellent scalability and reliability, Yokogawa has sought to satisfy these needs by strengthening the functions of its Stardom system.

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