Indegy Enhances Cyber Security Platform

Indegy enhances the Indegy Cyber Security Platform to meet requirements for protecting multi-site industrial control systems (ICS) environments. The new version centralizes the management and configuration of threat monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities across multiple facilities. This enables global organizations to protect ICS by maintaining unified and comprehensive visibility into all activity across operational technology (OT) networks spread over the country or world.

To support ICS activity monitoring in environments that span multiple facilities, regions and countries, the Indegy Platform now features a flexible three tier deployment model that spans all devices and networks for enterprise wide management. This assures that all activities are tracked and analyzed to detect threats, anomalies and unauthorized changes.

For distributed environments, light-weight sensors are available in two form factors (compact rack mount or DIN-rail mount) and can be deployed on each network segment to monitor ICS activity between devices. They provide full visibility into all OT network activity by capturing all the traffic, compressing and sending it to the Indegy Management Server (IMS). 

The IMS that is deployed at each site gathers and analyzes data from the network and sensors for threat and anomaly detection. The Indegy Enterprise Manager (IEM) provides centralized management, visibility and reporting across multiple IMS appliances and sites.


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