Schneider Electric Updates Foxboro And Triconex Systems

Schneider Electric updates its Foxboro Intelligent Marshalling solution. The new Intelligent Marshalling FBM248 offering, now with redundancy capabilities, reportedly eliminates the labor-intensive marshalling process traditionally required for control systems and enhances the reliability and efficiency of control system design and operation. The Tricon CX compact safety system adds the 3902X TMR universal I/O module.

The Foxboro Evo FBM 248 and Tricon CX 3902X remove the dependency among control and safety system design and the installation of I/O systems. Universal I/O offerings for Foxboro Evo and Triconex enable process automation professionals to adapt to last-minute I/O design changes and provide backup to eliminate the impact of any process downtime, according to the company.

With its universal I/O and software-configurable modules, Intelligent Marshalling allows users to configure I/O points from anywhere in the plant or in the world, according to the company. It reportedly also enables flexible options for future expansions and upgrades, reduces marshalling infrastructure, increases I/O density per cabinet, reduces field and maintenance labor costs and reduces the need for onsite replacement inventory.


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