Schneider Electric Launches Foxboro MagPLUS Magnetic Flow Meters

New Foxboro MagPLUS Magnetic Flowmeters from Schneider Electric provide reliable and flexible flow metering solutions for water and wastewater and food and beverage applications, according to the company. With a wide range of flow tube sizes and available transmitter configurations, the MagPLUS flow meter offers bi-directional metering of fluids from beverages and processed foods to potable water, industrial water and wastewater.

Foxboro MagPLUS flow meters feature fully welded construction, a selection of global standard flanges and end-connections, rugged liners suited to water and wastewater applications or hygienic sanitary design and durable exteriors suited to underground installation and constant flooding (IP 68 rated enclosure). A virtual grounding feature eliminates the need for grounding electrodes or rings. 

Any flow tube can accept any of three interchangeable Foxboro magnetic transmitters: models IMT30A, IMT31A, or IMT33A, coupled with model 9500A or 9600A flow tubes, according to the company. These transmitter options enable users to choose from a range of feature sets, metering accuracies, input/output options and calibration/testing capabilities with integrated continuous diagnostics. A selection of three housing versions enables users to mount transmitters directly to the flow tube at 0° or 45° angles, or remotely in wall- or field-mount configurations.

All transmitters share a common operating concept, feature displays in 14 operating languages (including Russian and simplified Chinese) and a Quick Start configuration menu. MagPLUS magnetic flow meters reportedly hold approvals for electrical and sanitary certifications as well as drinking water applications. MagPLUS is available in a range of sizes with large diameters for large-scale production plants.

Foxboro MagPLUS Family
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