Rembe Introduces NIMU Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit

Rembe introduces the Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit (NIMU), a non-invasive rupture disc monitoring unit that provides information about the way a bursting disc responds to positive and negative pressure. NIMU is installed in a blind tapping in the outlet section of the rupture disc holder, isolating it from the process medium. The signaling method is particularly suited for critical processes and applications that require the entire system to be completely impermeable.

NIMU is also reusable. After a rupture disc has opened, only the rupture disc itself must be replaced, according to the company. If the NIMU need to be serviced or replaced, it can be done without opening the pipeline. NIMU is based on tested, intrinsically safe, closed circuit technology and it can be integrated into an existing process control system, using terminal boxes and isolating amplifiers. It reportedly meets all certification and zoning requirements.

NIMU KUB IK KUB Studio 2015 03211
Product Type:
Over-pressure and explosion protection
Rembe Inc.