PAS Introduces IPL Assurance

PAS Inc. launches PAS IPL Assurance, software that provides real-time predictive analytics on the health and availability of the safety instrumented systems (SIS) and other independent protection layers (IPL) critical to managing operational risk. IPL Assurance automatically reports on the SIS performance during a demand on the safety system.

PAS IPL Assurance reportedly delivers actionable information on safety instrumented systems, alarm systems, control loops and operational boundaries to streamline compliance activities and illuminate operational risk. As a result, plant personnel can mitigate abnormal situations before they impact plant safety, reliability and profitability, according to PAS.

IPL Assurance features include:

• Tracking of safety system bypasses or out-of-service safety functions

• Management of testing and maintenance schedules with automatic “proof test” detection

• Actual demand rate comparisons with design assumptions

• Validation testing for SIS performance

• Event-initiated reporting and failure alerts

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Product Type:
Safety instrumented systems