Krohne Introduces Smartmac 200 W External Operating Device

Krohne introduces the Smartmac 200 W, a 2-wire loop powered operating device with HART 7 communication, to the Smartpat series. The Smartmac 200 W is suited for use in all industries that use Smartpat sensors or accessories: the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors as well as power plants, semiconductor and water/wastewater applications.

With Smartmac 200 W, Smartpat sensors can be read, calibrated and configured “online” at the measuring point. It features HART 7 communication and shows clear and configurable diagnostics according to NAMUR NE 107. The Smartmac 200 W’s replacement function allows the connected Smartpat sensor to be exchanged as all sensor settings can be copied for the new sensor, including 4…20 mA parameter and TAG identification.

Smartmac 200 W features English, German, French, Spanish and Italian as operating languages. The die-cast aluminum housing (identical to IFC 100 W and MAC 100 W signal converters) offers ingress protection rating IP66/ IP67 (acc. to NEMA 4/4X).


SMARTMAC 200 W 300dpi 15cm CMYK
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