Emerson Upgrades Micro Motion Model 5700 Transmitter

Emerson Process Management upgrades the Micro Motion Model 5700 transmitter with a native Ethernet connection to improve connectivity and functionality, according to the company, and allow for easier access to measurement information.

The native Ethernet upgrade includes dual redundant Ethernet ports directly integrated in the device with no need for extra converters or adapters. The dual port architecture means multiple devices can be installed in a variety of configurations, minimizing wiring and switch needs.

The transmitter incorporates a configurable I/O channel that can be used as a discrete input or set to a mA, frequency or discrete output. The Ethernet upgrade is available with multiple protocol choices including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET.

To speed integration and connection with Ethernet/IP systems, the transmitter contains an EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file for fast access to instrument information with little to no manual setup, according to the company. This also enables automatic AOP (Add-on Profile) generation for system integration. Pre-configured input assemblies reportedly allow users to select exactly what is needed without burdening the network with unwanted traffic.

Product Type:
Emerson Process Management