ECD Introduces X80 Universal Analyzer System

The new modular X80 Universal Transmitter and S88 Intelligent Sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices feature a sealed barrier design with heavy duty construction materials for the measurement of pH, ORP, DO, turbidity, conductivity or resistivity and 13 specific ions (pIONs).

The Model X80 Universal Transmitter is available as either a single or dual channel instrument for continuous measurement with standard MODBUS or optional HART digital communication and three optional alarm relays.  The modular X80 Transmitter communicates with any Model S88 Intelligent Sensor, automatically configuring the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the desired measurement parameter.

With rugged 316 stainless steel housing and large easy-to-read sealed display, the X80 Transmitter and the S88 Sensors eliminate the need to inventory multiple instruments. S88 Sensors facilitate two-way communication with the transmitter and automatically convert it to the chosen parameter.  Where feasible, the X80 also can be used with standard S80 Sensors to measure the same parameters in non-hazardous areas.

The intelligent S88 Sensor’s measurement parameter, its identity and serial number are all stored in the S88 Sensor’s memory along with calibration registers for parameter measurements.  The sensors are pre-calibrated and can be immediately connected to the X80 Transmitters.  The rugged S88 Sensors are reportedly waterproof and submersible with all internal components epoxy encapsulated. S88 Sensors are suited for applications, including oil/gas production, petrochemical refining, electric power generation and water and wastewater treatment.

ECD X80 S88 Analyzer hi
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