ABB Introduces Smart Sensing Technology

A new smart sensing solution from ABB can reduce downtimes of low-voltage motors, extend their life and reduce energy consumption, according to the company. The technology reportedly turns simple motors into intelligent machines that can indicate when they need servicing. Smart sensors attached directly to the motor supply provide information on operating and condition parameters such as vibration, temperature or overload and calculate power consumption. The data are analyzed and provided to the plant operator for maintenance planning. The sensors can be installed at the factory or retrofitted on already operating low-voltage motors.

The sensor is not electrically connected to the motor, so unauthorized parties cannot access the motor via this route. The smart sensors wirelessly transmit the data via encryption protocols to a secure server where they are analyzed using special algorithms. The cloud-based server implementation fulfills ABB’s strict specifications for cybersecurity, according to the company. The data are stored in the cloud in encrypted form. The web based customer portal also uses a role-based access protocol to make the data securely accessible.


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