Yokogawa Releases ProSafe-RS v4.01 SIS

Yokogawa Electric Corporation releases an enhanced version of the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system (SIS). The new version, R4.01, expands Yokogawa’s lineup of I/O devices and introduces new SIS components. In addition, the FieldMate Validator software is enhanced to work with the latest version of ProSafe-RS.

The N-IO field I/O device developed for use with ProSafe-RS enables software marshalling and flexible I/O assignment. It has an I/O module that accommodates multiple I/O signal types and allows configuration of an individual signal type for each point. Both analog and digital I/O signals can be handled solely through software settings. With the N-IO, it is no longer necessary to replace the I/O module, reducing the amount of rewiring that must be done when changing sensor types and/or layouts during a plant revamp. The N-IO device can also be used together with conventional FIO devices.

Yokogawa has signed OEM agreements with Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH*1 and MTL Instruments Group Limited*2 under which Yokogawa will receive baseplates and market them as its own products. These will be used in combination with the company’s N-IO modules and intrinsic safety (IS) isolators procured from the two companies. Yokogawa can now ensure that the N-IO conforms to the major IS regulations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, according to the company.




ProSafe RS 1 PR11722
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