ProSys Introduces AgileOps v2.1

ProSys enhances its flagship software, AgileOps v2.1, continuing to merge process applications and systems, eliminating the DCS silos and creating a cohesive process management solution, according to the company.

AgileOps’ updated version allows the user to select a set of devices and apply parameters to the entire root creating an optimized experience, both in product response and less network traffic for the user. Enhanced functionality creates a designable site-wide priority matrix, newly integrated with boundaries to provide for suggested priorities.

AgileOps’ latest release increases filtering functionality, design consistency such as fonts, larger responsive design window sizes and similar colors that allow the operator to focus on the process. Devices, alarms and all related entities are automatically configured in the MCSD (Master Control System Database). The 2.1 release also enhances handling error messages.


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Process control
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Tuning, optimization and other software