ABB Releases Burner Management Library

ABB releases a Burner Management System library for its high integrity (HI) safety system. The Burner Management System library reduces engineering effort and improves operation and maintenance of burner management applications, according to ABB. It is suitable for different fuel types and contains TÜV certified SIL 3 capable functions blocks for complete control over the startup and operation of burners including control and monitoring of the ignition sequence, leak testing of valves and control of the air/fuel mixture and the fuel supply.

In addition to the TÜV certification to applicable functional safety standards (IEC61508, IEC61511 and IEC 62061), the library is certified to other relevant industry standards to the extent applicable to a control system and associated software.

When integrated with 800xA, the BMS Library has built-in 800xA faceplates and display elements and alarm handling enabling common, plant-wide operations, engineering and information environments across both the basic process control system (BPCS) and the safety instrumented system (SIS), eliminating the need for third-party dedicated controls isolated from the process control system.

Using a standard library with TÜV certified function blocks reduces the engineering effort over the application lifecycle, from design and implementation to operation and maintenance; including the time needed to document and certify the application with the third party certification agencies or regulators, according to ABB.

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