Wireless Sensor Powered By Smartphone App

Transduecers Direct introduced the TDWLB pressure/temperature sensor powered with a coin-cell battery, controlled with a smartphone app and certified as Bluetooth Smart. Developed for home automation, industrial, marine and commercial applications, the TDWLB provides an 18- to 24-month battery life and redundant sensing. Its smart phone app lets the user name each sensor one time securely, then program set points/alarms for multiple sensors, monitor readings and graph activity over time – all from a phone, tablet or computer. The TDWLB is available in two different compensated accuracies of 1 percent and 0.25 percent, with temperature sensing as an option. It is designed for intermittent, rather than dynamic, machine-control applications.        

The US-made sensor is all digital, eliminating mechanical components, wear parts, analog circuitry and setpoint drift. It uses a one-piece, precision-machined stainless steel diaphragm and header. All wetted parts are stainless steel. The TDWLB's all-digital design eliminates amplifiers, filters and amplified noise, producing a high-resolution signal without analog variability or noise in the circuit. It is programmed and monitored through its app.

The TDWLB senses pressure by using a time-to-digital converter (TDC) to measure the duration of a capacitive discharge across the changing resistance in a Wheatstone bridge atop the diaphragm. Circuitry splits the signal from the bridge, creating a redundant signal if one half should fail.

All wetted parts of the TDWLB are stainless steel. The sensor is EMI/RFI protected and sealed to IP-67 rating. Standard overpressure rating is 2X, with 4X optional. Burst pressure is 5X or 20,000 psi, whichever is less. The TDWLB is available with a variety of industry standard pressure-port connections. Replacement battery packs are available.

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