Vibrating Fork Level Switch Provides Overfill Protection in Remote Tank Installations

Emerson Process Management has released a 12V dc DPDT relay version of its Rosemount 2120 vibrating fork level switch for automated level monitoring and overspill protection of tanks or vessels in remote locations. The new switch provides a built-in relay output, eliminating the need for a separate switching relay.

The 12V switch is suitable for installations where there is no access to normal 24V power supplies and the only power available is from batteries or solar charged systems. The new switch has all the features of the standard versions, including built-in instrument health/self-checking diagnostics but was designed for use in 12V low power circuits.

Based on vibrating short fork technology, the 12V 2120 is suitable for most liquid applications and is unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration or product variations. Electronic self-checking and condition monitoring with Heartbeat LED provide status and health information on the fork and sensor.

An adjustable switching delay nearly eliminates the risk for false switching in turbulent or splashing applications, and the range includes various housings and wetted parts materials, with a complete range of process connections, extended fork lengths and overfill approvals.

Product Type:
Emerson Process Management