Valve Oven Ensures Purity of Fuel Products

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the Agilent large valve oven for the 7890B gas chromatograph (GC) system. This high-capacity external oven can be configured to support complex, multi-valve ASTM International and EN (European Standard) GC applications. The oven provides a homogeneous isothermal environment for up to six positions for columns and valves. Its vertical design orientation was designed for convenient maintenance.

When maintenance is required, the oven’s vertical orientation allows for complete access to valves and connections without the removal of actuators. The Agilent large valve oven supports standard Agilent multi-valve analyzers such as refinery gas analyzers and natural gas analyzers with factory-tested methods and guaranteed chromatographic performance. The flexibility and configurability of the new external valve oven enable multiple ASTM and EN methods to be implemented on a single GC system, providing a smaller laboratory footprint and more information from a single system.

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