Transmitter/Controller Works With Multiple Sensors

Burkert's modular multi-channel MultiCELL Transmitter/Controller Type 8619 is a customizable measuring system that works with multiple sensor types for tasks including data logging, control and dosing. The device is suitable for applications such as water treatment or the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

The system can be freely adapted and extended with hardware boards for pH/ORP, conductivity, input + output signal boards and software modules. Burkert's MultiCELL Type 8619 is available in a panel version and with a housing, offering users installation flexibility.

Terminals and connections are all accessible from the front. Up to five M20 cable glands take up and hold power and signal cables. The housing provides ample space for installation of all required cables.

Versions operate with 12 to 36 VDC or 110/230 VAC. If and when required, sensors can be supplied directly with 24 VDC, even in the 110/230 VAC version.

burkert8619 021 A Multicell Wall
Process control
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Automation systems