Temperature Transmitters Boast Modular Design

Honeywell Process Solutions launched SmartLine industrial temperature transmitters, part of its SmartLine field instrument family, a modular transmitter family for pressure measurement. SmartLine temperature transmitters feature an advanced graphic display capable of showing process data in graphical formats and communicating messages from the control room. All SmartLine transmitters, whether they measure pressure or temperature, utilize modular components that can be upgraded and exchanged between the two product lines.

The SmartLine temperature transmitter incorporates a dual-compartment housing. It features intuitive diagnostics for the transmitter and sensor. This diagnostic information is also available on the transmitter display providing a real-time view of the sensor health.

The transmitter features a built-in dual-input and digital output option to minimize the number of instruments needed for monitoring and switching needs. Employee efficiency features include wiring polarity insensitivity and local configuration capabilities. SmartLine transmitters cannot be damaged by reversed loop wiring polarity and will function correctly if reverse connected. Field operators can configure the device in the field with no need for a handheld device. Honeywell’s Smart Connection Suite control system integration delivers transmitter messaging, maintenance mode indication and tamper alerts.

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