Software Improves Flow Monitoring Programs

Hach Company Flow Products & Services introduced the FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager software designed specifically for field crews to reduce the time needed to set up, download and maintain Hach FL900 Series flow loggers and sensors.

The FSDATA Desktop Manager dashboard displays program and real-time information in a single location so users can quickly assess and improve the meter’s programming. FSDATA Desktop Manager’s intuitive user interface was built with extensive input from field crews to mimic the actual workflow process, according to the company, reducing the chance for programming errors.

FSDATA Desktop Manager ensures that instruments are properly calibrated the first time. Set-up wizards allow even infrequent flow meter users to accomplish flow logger set-up and calibration through step-by-step illustrated instructions. Built-in and multi-layered error reduction features reduce human mistakes, according to Hach.


FSDATA Desktop Application Image
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