Single Platform Improves Infrastructure Cyber Security

Lockheed Martin announced the release of the latest version of the Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager (ASM), a single platform that addresses cyber security, compliance and change management requirements for industrial control systems (ICS). The latest Industrial Defender ASM – available for current and potential customers this summer – brings situational awareness to the enterprise and eliminates the manual processes required to secure global critical infrastructure.

The Industrial Defender ASM v6.0 adds capabilities that:

·         Increase situational awareness and visibility across critical infrastructure.

·         Interoperate with 90 percent of substation devices.

·         Automate change management processes.

·         Improve scalability and ease of use.

·         Speed deployment and performance.

New features in the latest version of Lockheed Martin’s Industrial Defender ASM include:

·         FleetView – provides visibility for control systems including changes that occur by location, over a period of time, or to a specific group of assets such as workstations, switches and firewalls.

·         Work Automation Suite – integrates document management and ticketing as part of a structured workflow, enabling operators to initiate, track, approve, document and report changes made to control system assets.

·         Improved substation cyber security – Industrial Defender ASM is tested and validated to maintain system performance by major original equipment manufacturer vendors including ABB, GE, and Schneider Electric and supports data collection from 90 percent of the devices commonly found in substations.

·         Enhancements to policy management- includes turnkey policies and automated reporting for NERC CIP (V3 & V5), NIST 800-82, and Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 08-09 standards.

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