Safety Instrumented System and Multivariable Transmitter Enhance Oil and Gas Facility Safety

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has released an enhanced version of the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system and the addition of a new function to the DPharp EJX multivariable transmitter. The new ProSafe-RS version, R3.02.10, offers improved functions for upstream oil and gas, which is one of Yokogawa’s core markets. The DPharp EJX multivariable transmitter has been enhanced to improve connectivity with ProSafe-RS.

Yokogawa has incorporated a gas flow rate calculation function in ProSafe-RS R3.02.10 to eliminate the need for control devices or dedicated flow computers for gas flow rate compensation. As a result, the ProSafe-RS, which is certified for use in SIL3*1 applications, is now suitable for use both in safety instrumentation and monitoring and control.

To compensate the gas flow rate, differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature must be measured. The DPharp EJX multivariable transmitter is a sensor that can measure all three of these variables. The Modbus protocol is widely used in upstream processes, so Yokogawa has added Modbus protocol support to the DPharp EJX multivariable transmitter. This sensor can be used together with ProSafe-RS to perform gas flow rate calculations.

A variety of networks are used to link ProSafe-RS at the site to the Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS SCADA system. Some networks use high-bandwidth optical fiber, while others rely on low-bandwidth wireless links. By optimizing the frequency of data collection and the volume of transmitted data, ProSafe-RS R3.02.10 can now link up with other systems using low-bandwidth media. This has been designed to improve maintenance efficiency by enabling remote engineering. Essential data is stored on the ProSafe-RS controller, ensuring continuity in the event of a network failure.

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