Prediction System Extends Monitoring Capabilities

Umetrics released version 13.3 of SIMCA-online. SIMCA-online is a real-time prediction system for the process industry. From different types of data sources, such as MES, LIMS and process data historians, SIMCA-online automatically collects, performs multivariate calculations and generates intuitive control charts that summarize the state of the process. Diagnostics of alarms or deviations are provided through interactive drill down features.

Control Advisor in SIMCA-online 13.3 extends the real-time multivariate monitoring capabilities to include Forecast for predictive monitoring and Advised future for process optimization with model predictive control (MPC).

Control Advisor includes powerful predictive capabilities utilizing a combination of imputation and regression models to forecast future trajectories of batch processes. Predictions of final batch qualities and yields are made available early in the batch evolution, and process deviations may be detected before they cause harm, allowing for preemptive corrective action. Advised future provides optimal process adjustments that may be implemented manually or automatically for closed loop control.

SIMCA-online 13.3 offers a new SimApi for OSI-PI system from OSIsoft utilizing Asset Framework and Event Frames. The new SimApi can also handle multiple PI connections simultaneously.

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