Integrated Conditioning Monitoring System Reduces Downtime

The Allen-Bradley Dynamix 1444 Series monitors from Rockwell Automation allow manufacturers to leverage the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system to assess current equipment health, predict potential issues and help avoid damage to critical machinery. Primarily used as a machinery protection system for rotating and reciprocating equipment, Dynamix 1444 monitors supervise critical operating parameters in real time. They also enable operations and maintenance personnel to assess current equipment health and perform predictive-maintenance planning.

To protect equipment, the Dynamix 1444 device measures and monitors a machine’s critical dynamic and position parameters, and assures appropriate actions are performed. For general condition monitoring, Dynamix 1444 monitors provide signal processing and measurement capabilities allowing users the tools necessary to detect and identify the faults and status across all classes of industrial machinery. Information can also be sent to plant-wide and enterprise-wide databases for storage and trending.

Dynamix 1444 Series monitors are rated for minus 25 to 70 C and 18 to 32 volt power. They are designed for use in hazardous environments and rated to marine standards for shock and vibration.