Data Logger Features Simplified Calibration

Vaisala introduced the newest addition to its line of data loggers for continuous monitoring - the mid-range (MR) logger. MR data loggers are designed for applications where speed and economy are critical and regulatory scrutiny is less stringent. Combined with the Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System (CMS), the MR loggers allow users to create presentation-quality reports that are automatically exported to PDF and spreadsheets.

Applications for the MR data logger range from drug discovery and early phase clinical trials, blood and tissue banks, hospitals and pharmacies to semi-conductors and server rooms. With a calibrated measurement range of -55 to 50°C (hence: "mid-range"), the MR loggers are available in six models, including single channel temperature, 2-channel temperature and contact input, 4-channel with temperature and contacts or 2-channel temperature and humidity. Designed to be easily deployable out of the box, MR data loggers have two options for scaled-down, efficient validation: the Express IQOQ and Rapid IQOQ.


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