Capacitance Manometer Includes Inconel and Incoloy Nickel Alloys for Corrosion Resistance

MKS Instruments Inc.  introduces the a-Baratron capacitance manometer, a heated absolute-capacitance manometer. The a-Baratron manometer is internally heated to 45 degrees, 80 degrees or 100 degrees Celsius and has a push-button zero that allows service intervals up to four times longer than earlier models. It is fully back compatible with earlier MKS and competitive products.

The manometer offers full-scale measurement ranges from 0.1 Torr to 1,000 Torr (13.3 Pa to 133.3 kPa). The sensor is constructed of Inconel and Incoloy nickel alloys for corrosion resistance. The a-Baratron manometer can be equipped with the standard sensor or MKS etch baffle sensor technology.

It can be configured for both new and existing processing systems. It operates on ±15VDC input voltage, and has a standard 0–10VDC analog output signal. It is fully CE and RoHS compliant, and is 100 percent back-compatible with earlier 100- and 600-series analog Baratron capacitance manometers, as well as many competitive capacitance diaphragm gauges.

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MKS Instruments, Inc.