Automation System Works Across Multiple Platforms

ProSys announces the Interface Dynamics Version 3 display library for Emerson Process Management’s DeltaV automation system. The display library runs natively in Emerson’s DeltaV Operate and Honeywell Process Solution’s Experion. Subsequent versions are in development for other leading control systems.

Process plants and process industry firms with multiple control systems experience a significant problem when they have to maintain multiple display libraries from different vendors. With Interface Dynamics, these plants and firms can use the same display library, providing a consistent and unified operator interface experience over multiple control platforms.

Interface Dynamics Version 3 enables users to build situational-aware and task-oriented operator displays for DeltaV control systems. Interface Dynamics leverages the power of DeltaV Operate to design and run displays that increase operator awareness and reduce operator error.

Each object in the Interface Dynamics display library is fully tested with the latest version of DeltaV. Interface Dynamics’ direct-entry method eliminates errors that can result from shifting operator focus. Expandable objects allow for additional information to be shown only when needed instead of cluttering the display.

Interface Dynamics provides all of the objects needed for chemical, petrochemical, refining and oil and gas upstream applications. Objects for Level 1, 2, and 3 displays are part of Interface Dynamics. A single style sheet is used regardless of the vendor platform to determine all colors and styles. 

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