Adaptor Enables Wired Field Instruments Function as ISA100 Wireless Devices

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has developed a multi-protocol wireless adaptor that enables wired field instruments or analytical sensors to be used as ISA100 wireless devices. Yokogawa also will release models in May and July that support communications based on the HART and RS485 Modbus standards. To facilitate the introduction of field wireless systems in plants, Yokogawa plans to release additional models that will cover other standards.

When the multi-protocol wireless adaptor is mounted on a wired field instrument or analytical sensor, the instrument or sensor can function as an ISA100 wireless device. It may be used with any type of wired field instrument or analytical sensor commonly used in plants, including those used to monitor temperature, pressure, liquid level or vibration or to detect gas.

It is compatible with both Yokogawa devices and devices from other vendors. The first two models are intended for wired HART and RS485 Modbus communications, both of which are widely used in plants. Yokogawa plans to release models that are compliant with other wired field communications standards such as Foundation fieldbus and Profibus.

The battery in the multi-protocol wireless adaptor can also power the field instrument or analytical sensor, eliminating the need for wiring. As with other Yokogawa field wireless devices, the multi-protocol wireless adaptor uses a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, which can power both the multi-protocol wireless adaptor and the field instrument or analytical sensor. An indicator on the host system shows the estimated remaining days of battery life.

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