Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Automatically Adjusts to Difficult Conditions

ABB’s new LST400 ultrasonic level transmitter handles liquid and bulk solids applications. The LST400 automatically adjusts settings—power of pulse, pulse duration, receiver sensitivity—to handle a wide range of challenging environments. From water and wastewater to grain hoppers to mineral oil, the instrument works in the presence of dust, vapor or foam.

The LST400 measures up to 50 feet (15 meters) or flow rates in all types of open-channel flow applications. A narrow beam angle allows accurate measurements in narrow vessels. The adjustable threshold means level measurements can be made even with H-beams present in a silo.

The LST400 provides a single 4-20 mADC analog output with support for HART 7 digital communications over existing plant infrastructure. This helps simplify configuration and installation. The transmitter includes five, fully configurable relays for level control. Typical weirs and flumes for open channel flow are preconfigured.

An integrated 128-by-64 dot display provides access to detailed readings, including distance and level, percentage fill, flow rate, total flow, height to the top of the material being measured and temperature. An on-board echo profile provides full diagnostics, which can also indicate trends.

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