Single-Axis Drive Handles Basic Applications

Siemens has introduced its new single-axis Sinamics V20 drive for basic applications. The Sinamics V20 comes in four frame sizes covering the performance range from 1/6 to 20 horsepower and is used to operate pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems. It also can be used for simple drive tasks in the processing and handling industries.

This compact drive can be connected directly in-line and mounted as a push-through installation in addition to the conventional wall-mounting method. The integrated Basic Operator Panel (BOP) enables on-site commissioning and operation. Besides the universal serial interfaces that allow for easy connection to Simatic PLC controllers, a Modbus interface is also included for communication with third-party controls.

 Pre-built connection and application macros are used for facilitating application-specific settings. For units with power ratings higher than 10 horsepower, a braking resistor can be connected directly to integrated braking chopper.

Parameters that have been optimized for one application can be transferred to other units using SD or MMC cards via the BOP interface or the battery-operated parameter loader without powering up the drive. Tailored inter-connectivity and application macros provide the correct settings for the particular application. The “keep running mode” automatically adapts the Sinamics V20 drive to the power supply to achieve higher availability when operated on unstable networks.  

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