Process Automation System Optimizes Production and Energy Efficiency

Schneider Electric has released the PlantStruxure Process Expert System (PES), integrating the functionalities of Schneider Electric’s PlantStruxure collaborative architecture with StruxureWare Process Expert.

This creates a single software environment that integrates control applications, supervision and field devices to configure an entire control system. PlantStruxure PES allows industrial companies to meet automation needs while optimizing operations and energy management by connecting the field, process and enterprise levels within a business.

The system also includes Schneider Electric’s platform of integrated software applications and suites, StruxureWare, which provides users simplified integration, a consistent experience and a scalable platform across any organization. PlantStruxure PES brings together programmable automation controllers and distributed control systems to form an energy-aware process automation system that meets the demands of today’s production facilities while delivering on growing energy management requirements. The system combines energy and process data in one platform, providing a consistent, real-time control and operational interface.

StruxureWare Process Expert, the software component of PES, leverages a single database to enable users to directly interface with a single process element, such as a pump, during runtime operations with a single click. This integration delivers value through streamlined operations. The software also allows object libraries built for StruxureWare Process Expert to be modified, streamlined and customized for individual processes and users.

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