Over-The-Air Device Provisioning Enhances Wireless Network

Honeywell announced the availability of OneWireless Network Release 210, which incorporates over-the-air field device provisioning and a Gateway General Client Interface (GCI). This is made possible by the ISA100 standard and native integration of OneWireless field networks into Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS).

The GCI feature, enabled by the ISA100 standard, allows operations to continue using legacy protocols and proprietary applications while making it easier to wirelessly expand those applications throughout the plant. The GCI also allows third-party client applications to communicate natively using proprietary or common field protocols with wireless field instruments over the ISA100 network.

Enabling operations to continue using existing applications or protocols eliminates the need to reinvest in additional equipment and new client applications, re-train maintenance and operations personnel, and to provide consistency across the plant. Examples of GCI implementations include support for the GE System 1 condition-monitoring application using GE’s Bently Nevada wSim devices and Honeywell’s OneWireless Adapter that wirelessly sends HART data from wireless HART or wired HART to HART clients.

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