Manufacturing Intelligence Software Provides OEE Calculations in Real Time

ATS International B.V. announces the release of its ATS Intelligence manufacturing intelligence software. ATS Intelligence allows manufacturers to collect the data they need to calculate the operational equipment efficiency (OEE) within their manufacturing process.

The user interface of ATS Intelligence allows the operator to record all of the information required to calculate the OEE in real-time. ATS Intelligence enables users to collect and analyze the amount of material or product being manufactured, the machine or process manufacturing the product and the equipment’s optimum rate of production for each material. It also provides a breakdown of reasons that reduce the total available time to the actual running time for a piece of equipment.

Using ATS Advanced Reporting Services, the details and nuances of all the information gathered can be explored from anywhere on the planet using a web browser. This tool will allow users to view the OEE of everything, from an individual machine to an entire plant.

Product Type:
Data Collection
ATS International