Housing for Time and Monitoring Relays Adds Options for Wire Termination

 The ABB Low Voltage Products division has designed a new housing for its CT-S range of time relays and CM range of measuring and monitoring relays. The new housing features two new connection options, double-chamber cage connection terminals and push-in terminals. The introduction gives customers a broader set of options for wire termination in ABB’s line of timing and monitoring relays.

The double-cage connection terminals utilize screw technology and can be connected with two wires of differing diameters up to 14 AWG, solid or stranded, with or without wire-end ferrules. The push-in terminals feature spring clamp, Easy Connect technology.

With the Easy Connect option solid or stranded wires with ferrules can be connected without a tool, and stranded wires without ferrules can be connected by opening the cage with a screwdriver. The push-in terminals are suitable for solid or stranded wires up to 20 to 16 AWG. The previously available ABB timer and monitor housing came only with a single cage clamp that required a tool for wire connection.

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