Handheld Dip Strip Photometer Uses 60 Percent Less Chemical

Omega Engineering’s HHWT-13 series of handheld dip strip photometers use up to 60 percent less chemical per test. The photometers have been designed to provide a more “green” and cost-effective alternative to testing water for cyanide, iron, ammonia, phosphate, pH (5 to 10) sulfide, fluoride, chloride and quarternary ammonia.

Instead of using a 10-ml water sample, this CE-compliant product uses a 4-ml water sample. It features three-button control, 140-test memory and an automatic countdown test time. This product is suitable for wastewater treatment and in all industries, which require monitoring of their process pH.

The unit price starts at $270.

Product Type:
pH and ORP
Omega Engineering