Gas Chromatographs Feature Fully Integrated Touchscreen Panel

ABB announces the release of the new touchscreen for the PGC5000 series process gas chromatographs. The new front panel is now the standard configuration for the PGC5000A master controller and upgrade kits are available for all PGC5000A master controllers installed in the field.

This touchscreen panel fully integrates into the current design and provides redundant local user interfaces with the integrated mouse touch pad. The touchscreen replaces the current PGC5000A master controller front panel and is available for all hazardous area certifications.

In addition to the touchscreen panel release, the latest version of PGC5000 software, V3.0.2.X, now provides users a new local and remote method for chromatogram reprocessing. Along with the PGC5000 advanced graphical method editing, the chromatogram reprocessing provides operators the ability to optimize and fine tune a process gas chromatograph without maintenance downtime.

Version 3.0.2.X has a new peak integration algorithm which uses the first and second derivatives on the chromatogram baseline to accurately and repeatedly determine the beginning and end of each measured peak. The algorithm further enhances the ability to precisely tangent skim unresolved peaks. This new method improves the analyzer performance for tighter process unit control and offers greater flexibility with component separation and integration.

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