FT-NIR Analyzer Provides Real-Time Control of Chemical Processes

ABB introduces the new TALYS ASP500 Series. This fiber optics based industrial FT-NIR analyzer represents the latest advances in process analytics for chemical industries. The TALYS provides reactor profiling, real-time determination of process end-point, cycle-time reduction, process characterization and early troubleshooting.

The TALYS analyzer is flexible and supports various configurable sample accessories such as transmission, transflectance, and diffuse reflectance probes as well as flow-through cells to meet wide measurement needs for liquid and powder sample applications.

This analyzer can be shelf-mounted or wall-mounted in a safe area without requiring additional enclosure. It also features an embedded processor, so no external computer is needed. Once configured for an intended measurement, the analyzer continuously monitors and provides analysis results as well as the instrument health monitoring utility status over standard Ethernet communication link.

Concentrations and status information are also displayed on the touchscreen, which supports multiple languages. The analyzer may be updated to measure new or different chemical streams. A USB key interface updates analysis configuration as well as to extract spectral data or measurement reports from the analyzer.

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