Flow Meter Includes Quick Connect Cable to Simplify Installation

McCrometer recently launched an FPI Mag electromagnetic flow meter with a rugged quick-connect cable.The flow meter features precision multi-point flow sensing technology and the hot-tap installation method, which eliminates the need for extra labor, heavy equipment or line shutdown.

The detachable quick-connect cable can be sent to the plant ahead of the sensor to allow for advance completion of wiring assembly work prior to sensor installation. Once the prep work is done, technicians can quickly install the sensing element without having to carry or manipulate extended lengths of heavy cable. 

The quick-connect cable for the FPI Mag flow meter is compliant with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IP68 standard.  That means McCrometer customers can be assured the meter’s cable connection meets international requirements with regard to protection from both solid particles and liquid ingress.  The cable connection is resistant to dust and water-tight to a depth of 3 feet.

The FPI Mag flow meter’s advanced multi-electrode sensor compensates for variable flow profiles including swirl and turbulent conditions. The electrodes, which are placed across the entire sensor body, continuously measure and report the average flow rate across the full diameter of the pipe, delivering accuracy comparable to the performance of a full-bore mag meter.

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