Drive Series Features Common Architecture for Simplified Set-Up

ABB’s new AC drive portfolio introduces a new control panel design, featuring a high-contrast and high-resolution control display. Many flexible data visualizations, including bar charts, histograms and trend graphs, help users analyze processes with assistants available to simplify set up. The menus and messages are customizable for specific terminology for applications. An integrated USB port also allows easy connection to the PC tool.

The drive composer PC tool, for all drive types, offers fast and harmonized start-up, commissioning and monitoring. The free entry version provides start-up and maintenance capabilities, while the professional version of the tool provides additional features, such as custom parameter windows, control diagrams of the drive’s configuration, basic parameter programming, and safety settings.

The integrated safety functions reduce installation space by reducing the need for external safety components. The safety features include safe torque-off (STO), which can be used to prevent unexpected start-up or other stopping-related functions. In addition, the ABB industrial drives offer further integrated safety options, including safe stop 1, safe stop emergency, safely-limited speed, safe brake control and safe maximum speed. The drives’ functional safety complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The new ACS880 series will be available as single drives, multidrives and drive modules, with a wide power range and voltage range up to 690 V. The ACS880 series offers direct torque control (DTC). One of the first drives to be available from the ACS880 series is the wall-mounted single drive ACS880-01. The drive will be available with a power range from 0.75 to 350 HP and voltage range from 380 to 500 V, with plans to extend to a wider voltage range. The ACS880-01 was designed to control a wide range of applications, such as extruders, cranes, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans. Along with DTC, the drive offers extensive range of options, including EMC filters, resolvers, encoders, I/O options and brake resistors. Integrated safety functions include safe torque-off (STO) as standard.

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