Data Loggers Track Temperature and Relative Humidity Indoors

Onset Computer Corp.'s HoboUX100 Series is the company’s next-generation family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments.

The matchbox-sized UX100 Series data loggers can collect indoor environmental data in a broad range of applications. This includes monitoring occupant comfort in office buildings, tracking food-storage conditions in warehouses, logging temperature trends in server rooms and measuring humidity levels in museums.

The data logger bridges the gap between traditional loggers, which typically don’t have LCD displays and are limited in accuracy and memory, and larger, more expensive LCD loggers that require calibration. The loggers feature an ea LCD display that visually confirms logger operation and battery status, eliminating the need to connect the logger to a PC to see the information.

A large memory capacity enables users to deploy the loggers for longer periods with fewer site visits. UX100 loggers also feature start and stop pushbuttons, and rare earth magnet, strap, and command-strip mounting options enabling faster deployment and greater mounting flexibility and reliability.

Product Type:
Data Logger
Onset Computer Corporation