Control Applications Boost Usability of DNA Automation System

Metso has strengthened its product portfolio and developed new control applications to improve usability in the Metso DNA automation system. The novelties include tools for alarm shelving and a function test, both continuing Metso's work in usability applications for process control. Also, an IEC 61850 interface is now available.

To further improve usability in the Metso DNA system, Metso has developed an alarm shelving application. With it, the operator is able to temporarily prevent an alarm from being displayed when it is being more of a nuisance. A shelved alarm will be removed from the alarm list and will not show until it is un-shelved.

In the new application, the user can shelve an alarm, possibly comment on it and define the length of the shelving time. The shelved alarms are hidden in the user interface until expiration. Metso has further developed its function test for testing control applications. It shows the function block diagram with live values from the running environment - real or virtual - thus helping to solve both control and process disturbances.

The application features automatic data collection, resulting in faster analysis. Usability is boosted by simpler functionality. There are fewer buttons to push and an improved version of the function test toolbar. Metso DNA is available with an IEC 61850 interface, an international standard data communications protocol with several services aimed at all substation protection and control requirements.

Product Type:
Safety instrumented systems