Asset Health Technology Integrates With Latest Reliability Tools

Emerson Process Management has released version 5.6 of its asset management software, AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager. From route-based, online, and wireless vibration solutions to the latest advances in oil data collection and analysis, AMS Suite integrates data to provide a complete picture of machinery health. Built on customer requests and the latest technology innovations, AMS Machinery Manager v5.6 was designed to expand the user’s ability to make informed decisions on the maintenance and operation of their most critical production assets.

AMS Machinery Manager v5.6 supports the newly released CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer, a portable tool for analyzing machinery vibration to detect potential problems before they lead to unplanned downtime. AMS suite enables users to perform more advanced vibration data analysis. The four-channel data collection and diagnostic test results from the CSI 2140 integrate seamlessly into a user’s existing AMS Machinery Manager database, alongside data from earlier versions of Emerson’s popular analyzer series.

AMS suite also allows users to integrate data from the new Spectro Inc. Q1100 FluidScan, a route-based oil analyzer. With AMS Machinery Manager, users adopting this new technology can import data to the same database as their vibration data, establishing a more complete picture of machinery health.

Users also can monitor the size of their CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor daily working database and the amount of free space available on the server. Archiving or restarting the database is a single one-click step that returns them to data collection mode with minimal interruption.

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Data Collection
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